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Maiora Film is a company created to identify and develop ideas, subjects and screenplays originating from the ‘young cinema’, with the intent to make a contribution, in particular, in support of the New Italian Cinema, which is experiencing an exciting artistic moment.

These goals, behind the creation of Maiora Film®, are ideally inserted also in the context of the event L’Isola del Cinema® (see, designed and developed by Giorgio Ginori, which for 18 years has been renown as a “Living Room” of National and International Cinema on the Tiberina Island in Rome, developing and consolidating its relationship with young filmmakers, institutions and film schools, and also with the film industry (production and distribution) in order to create a fruitful dialogue between the world of ideas and the production of short films, documentaries and feature films.

A curiosity: the name Maiora Film takes its cue from the Latin “ad maiora” and it is therefore an invitation to design, develop and produce original and quality projects, both from the perspective of history and from style, seeking talent in the fields of scriptwriting, directing, acting, music (and more generally in all cinema trades and professions), thus creating a stimulating reference point for those who want to make films.

In the background, the stage of L’Isola del Cinema ®, as a beacon and a meeting point for the discussion of ideas, a laboratory open to the world of production and film distribution.