About Us

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Maiora Film is a production company that aims at finding and developing ideas, screenplays and scripts proposed by the “young cinema”, contributing at supporting the Italian New Cinema wave, which is now in its artistic peak.

Maiora Film projects and aims are strongly related to L’Isola del Cinema, Italian Film Festival created by Giorgio Gionori and his team. Since 1993, L’Isola did present itself as a cultural gathering for National and International cinematographic productions. It developpes and strengthen its relations with young filmmakers, Institutions and the Film Industry (both production and distribution) aiming at creating a prolific link between the “ideas behind” and the production of short movies, documentaries and long feature movies.

The name “Maiora Film” comes from a latin saying, “ad maiora”. It is an invite at creating, at producing new exiting projects, projects with plot and style that reflect high-quality and excitement. Maiora aims at looking for new talents in screenwriting, directing, acting and in performative arts, in order to create in its organisation a landmark for those interested in filmmaking.