L’ Amore senza motivo – Love without a reason

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L’amore senza motivo is Majid’s the “training journal”, a 15 years old Syrian boy who escaped war, misery and the never ending journey across the sea, from Syria to Italy. This story begins in Rome, where the boy arrived thanks to Pope Francis who, in April 2016, did help 20 refugees to escape and brought them in Italy.
Majid immediately became fond of the language and the culture to the point where, after hanging out with some of the most known rappers of Rome, he decided to write along with his new friends (Italians, new Italians and refugees) a song, “Love without a reason”, in order to spread his message: “True love is without reason. It asks for nothing and gives you everything, exactly what happened to me. I was saved even though I had nothing to give.”

  • YEAR 2017
  • REGIAPaolo Mancinelli
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